Tax Accounting


Tax accounting is more than pretty reports. The tax law requires you to maintain adequate records of all your income and deductions per tax year (See IRC §6001), or risk paying additional taxes, penalties, and interest. And if you received a refund, you might have to pay that back too. Nel's Tax Help, LLC is here to help you keep your records up to date and compliant with the tax laws to reduce your risk of future problems and to provide peace of mind.


Based on your individual business needs, prices are charged monthly at your quoted flat fee. Schedule a consultation today by clicking here.




This is the best option to keep your records up to date throughout the year.  Monthly accounting will also allow you to make more informed managerial decisions regularly and allows more time to maximize your tax saving opportunities for you and your business.


This option benefits businesses that have little activity but also want to maintain their financial transactions more than once a year. Quarterly accounting is also a good way to still have time to make tax saving decisions that benefit you and your business before the end of the year.


This option is mainly for preparing returns; and if we can get together in November or December, there may be little time still left to strategize a few tax savings for you and your business.




Accounting work is done at your location using software provided by you.


Accounting work is done off-site by using either a third party company such as GoToMyPC or software such as Quickbooks Online to access your company's software.


Accounting work is done remotely using software provided by Nel's Tax Help (which saves you software expenses).


What Customers Say

Best accountant EVER!

Shan-Nel is always willing to go above and beyond to provide personalized customer service! Whether it's a small question or a huge tax problem, she breaks it down so that you can understand. Whether you're a business owner or you need help with your individual taxes, Shan-Nel is there to help!

CHRISTEN ADDISON Independent Distributor AdvoCare

Nel's Tax Help is excellent! Shan-Nel is extremely insightful with the best advice that is tailored to your needs. From explaining how to get the best return to doing what's best when starting a small business, she's got the knowledge you need when it comes to planning out your future.

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MARK MOORE II Owner and Video Editor Marking The Edit

Nel's Tax Help is Great! The owner Shan-Nel is very helpful. She really worked hard to get my Quickbooks on point. I rely on her to keep me organized; and if I have a question, I know I can call or email her and get a quick response.  I would recommend Nel's Tax Help for all your accounting needs.

MARGARET GARLAND Owner of Sewfabulous Sewing School

Shan-Nel is extremely knowledgeable about taxes and pays attention to the details that matter. This was evident from the first day that we met with her. Because of Shan-Nel, we were able to start our own business. Her guidance along the way has given us peace of mind. She is easily accessible via phone or email, which helps whenever we have any questions. I recommend Nel's Tax Help to anyone who wants personalized and professional tax services!

CHRISTINE SABA Co-Owner Saba & Saba Consulting, LLC

Very quick response and thorough answer which covered all my questions! Really helpful with information I needed to start my business! Top notch customer service!!!

AMBER BLOSE Owner Lularoe Storefront

The best place and person to go to not only get your taxes done, but for all your tax related questions that you need help with. With the help from Shan-Nel and Nel's Tax Help, for the first time in a long time, I will be receiving a refund from the state of Maryland. If you're the person that needs your taxes prepare or any questions tax related that you need answers, come to Nel's Tax Help for all your tax related needs.

CURTIS POLLARD, JR. Assistant Manager Famous Footwear

Shan-Nel was great to work with! Not only was she willing to travel, but she was fast, very professional, and thorough. Thank you x 10!

CIERA PEACE Accountant Baltimore Convention Center

Nel's Tax Help gave me the advice I needed to increase my credit score. It went up by nearly 100 in three months’ time. She also helped me recover unclaimed property from a state I used to live in. Thank you so much Nel!

BRANDON A. SIMMONS Technician Comcast